“Fruitcake is an emotionally charming story that takes you into the world of a social outcast.”

David Stevenson – Amazon Review

Very strong storyline and an even stronger cinematography! The touching story was brought together by strong performances and a fluent original soundtrack.

Film Shortage Review

“So great…happy, sad, cringe worthy ….well written , strong character , truly enjoyed it!”


“The best, most inspiring 30 minutes I’ve spent in a long time!”

Kim – Amazon Review

“Surprisingly moving.”

DJH – Amazon Review

“This piece is very engaging from the out set and it had me gradually and gently drawn in. Beautifully produced, the story line, music, editing and so much more.”

M24 Media – Vimeo Review

“Really excellent work! Acting, cinematography, lighting, sound, and the music was incredible. So inspiring, we need more movies like this!”

Jeff Gibbons – Vimeo Review

“This was a beautifully written and very well acted short. I watched it a few times. So many great lessons to be learned in this short film. Kudos to the writer/director and actors.”

DivaSeattle – Amazon Review