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What is Fruitcake?


Fruitcake is the story of Adam, an eccentric, lonely, mid 30s man, and his unorthodox search for relationships. Part of reason the film is called Fruitcake is that it is a word anyone on the outside of Adam’s life could easily use to label him, just because he may seem different to them—odd, withdrawn, etc. This reflects the convenient, lazy way people often choose to define one another. We chastise, label, and slander people without understanding or having a connection with them, or we stereotype people from afar. Adam is a guy who has to overcome all of that while trying to pursue relationships for himself. 

Fruitcake Movie Soundtrack Now Available! Fruitcake Movie Soundtrack Cover

Buy the soundtrack featuring the original score by James Childs, and original songs from Luke LeFevre, Tanya Godsey, and David Wilkinson.



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“Am I getting farther away or closer to the life I was meant to live?”

Meet the Core 4 Team

The Core 4

“Everyone wants someone to listen to them.”

Meet the cast of Fruitcake

The Cast

“Everyone wants to be laughed with rather than laughed at.”

Meet the Production Crew for Fruitcake

Production Crew

Camera Crew

Scott Moore Camera Operator
Bengy DaVillar Camera Operator, Production Coordinator
JT Sumner 1st Assistant Camera, DIT
Tyler Bradley 1st Assistant Camera
Matt Eldredge Field Audio Engineer
Benjamin Bailey DIT, 2nd Assistant Camera
Andrew Humphries Jib Operator
Stephen Seargant Steadicam Operator
Jarrett Rawlings DIT, 2nd Assistant Camera
Kyran Ford Lighting Technician, Grip
Kyle Ryan Lighting Technician, Grip
Sam Siske DIT, 2nd Camera Assistant
Jason Cole Aerial Pilot
Neal David Aerial Cinematographer

Production Design

Katje Lael Makeup Artist
Meko Davis Makeup Artist
Christin Cook Zito Makeup Artist
Elaina Karras Makeup Artist
Alex Adler Wardrobe
Stephen 'Major' Chisolm Storyboard Artist

Production Assistants

Ashley Amezcua Production Assistant
Nicole Dayton Production Assistant
Tyler Reed Production Assistant
David McKay 2nd Assistant Director
Megan Ledford Script Supervisor
Josh Fulton Production Assistant
Jessica Sloan Production Assistant


James Childs Writer, Composer, Guitarist
Tanya Godsey Writer, Artist
Luke Lefevre Writer, Lead Vocals, Guitarist


Tim Newton Percussion
Gabe Rosser Bassist, Truck Owner

“Do something you’ve never done before.”

Watch some behind the scenes footage


Behind the Scenes footage by Ashley Mae Wright and Ben James

“We all want verbal affirmation from a kind voice.”

See some behind the scenes images


Images by Ashley Mae Wright, Ben James and Andreos Chunaco

“Am I getting farther away or closer to the life I was meant to live?”

News, updates and thoughts on the film

The Blog

3 Tips For Writers Who Are Married To Their Script

3 Tips For Writers Who Are Married To Their Script by David Wilkinson (Writer/Fruitcake) Without a doubt, the story of Fruitcake was an evolution. Oddly enough, through multiple deletions, additions, and alterations, the main characters and messaging remained consistent. As a screenplay writer, I wanted to share what I believe to be crucial perspectives when […]

Fruitcake is Accepted into the Laughlin International Film Festival

  • September 11, 2014
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The Fruitcake team is thrilled to announce the acceptance of Fruitcake into the Laughlin International Film Festival. The Laughlin International Film Festival (LiFF) is an annual festival held in Laughlin, Nevada (Nevada, we’re coming back to you!). After a successful screening at the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder, Nevada (where we won best drama!), […]

The Many Ways to Watch Fruitcake

We’ve completed two months of Fruitcake being available to the public and we’re amazed by the feedback and compliments we have received so far. I want to share just a few of those! Really fantastic work! I liked the story, it had nice pacing, the characters were believable- and it had enough to keep me […]

Director’s Notes: Spotlighting Actress A. Michelle Harleston

When people go to our site to download the film, they’ll eventually learn the mystery behind the title, Fruitcake. But what the audience won’t know without it being spotlighted, is the evolution of the character of Caroline. Adam’s African-American neighbor began as a salty, sarcastic, tough as nails mother. When Michelle came to the casting call, […]

THANK YOU for a wonderful night!

THANK YOU What an incredible night for our premier! We are blessed beyond measure at the out-pouring of support from an incredible community here in Nashville. We can’t say enough how much we loved sharing some music and the film with you! As we mentioned at the premier the film is now available for download. […]


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